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Thank You! Just Reached 101 Followers

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Hello everyone!  I just woke up and checked my blog this morning and noticed my blog just reached:



I am excited about this because I never thought this blog would reach 101 followers in just six months (I start this blog late last July).   Therefore, I would like to thank everyone who are currently follow my blog and I will continue to work hard.  

I am also currently working on my first e-book.  It is about my life and what have influenced me to become the person I am today.  I will probably do an audiobook version of the e-book as well.  Hopefully my e-book and audiobook will be published end of 2018.

Furthermore,  I went to my parking and locker assignment appointment for my condo early this month and I ended up have to pay a bit more money to get a better parking spot.  It is fine for me because I know this would benefit me in the long run.

Moreover, I am going to try all the resistance bands exercises listed in Tom Brady’s book.  He said resistance bands are better than weights because bands allow bigger, more fluid range of motion and build strength and power without overloading muscles or creating excess inflammation.  Ultimately, I want to be able to enjoy outdoor activities as long as I can without being tired so easily.

Last but not least, be sure to CHECK OUT my podcastLIKE my Facebook page, and FOLLOW my Instagram and Twitter!

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And again, thanks to all of my followers out there and catch you on the flip side!




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