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Podcast #24 – Being An Angel Investor May Make You Rich

jason calacanis

Hello everyone! I am currently reading this book above by Jason Calacanis and wondering if being an angel investor can make you rich other than investing in crytocurrencies.  I have this thought in my head lately because of the huge fall in crytocurrencies’ prices we are currently experiencing.  Moreover, you could potentially generate more than 1000% return in a few years from just investing in startups alone.

However, it is not easy being an angel investor as you need money, network, expertise and time.  In addition, you need to be in Silicon Valley in order to be a great angel investor because Silicon Valley is where technology entrepreneurs start their companies.

But if you DO have the money, network, time and expertise,

why not give being an angel investor a try?


Hope you are liking my podcast so far!  Please feel free to leave your comments below!  Catch you on the flip side!

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