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Having A Budget Is Great, But Being Disciplined Has More Impact Towards Financial Freedom


As a blogger, I am always reading other personal finance or related blogs to see what others are writing.   Not surprisingly, budgeting is a HUGE attention grab and I bet over 50% of personal finance bloggers out there are blogging about budgeting in many ways.  For instance, some bloggers post their excel budget worksheets on their blogs and some bloggers share diagrams on where their money go to every month.

In my last podcast, I talked about creating a budget is a money management skill because you are reminded on how to use your money.

But creating a budget is one thing, being disciplined about it is another.


Imagine you make $3,000 a month and you have to pay the following:

  1. Student loan – $500/month
  2. Rent (utilities included) – $1,200/month
  3. Groceries – $200/month
  4. Cell phone – $100/month
  5. Car and gas – $400/month

At the end of each month, as a result, you have $600 left and you plan to save the first half and spend the other half.

If you are disciplined, you would stick to your plan.  Eventually, you would see your money “growing” in your saving account and you have a better chance to reach financial freedom.

On the other hand, a non-disciplined person would spend more than they intend to save and could potentially be in debt.

Let’s look at another example.

Suppose you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you have created a business plan for your start-up.  Having a great plan is a good start in order for your start-up to be successful, but most importantly, having the will to succeed is what makes the differenceBusinesses without entrepreneurs who are willing to hustle and make sacrifices are going to fail. 

Similarly, a budget would not work if the person creating it is not disciplined.


As a result,  I never create a budget because I understand not only I have to pay myself first, but also I have to pay off my debt first.  That’s why most of my monthly salary goes to paying off my line of credit.  After that, I would deposit a small amount into my saving account and use the remainder for my expenses.

So do you currently have a budget?  What has changed in your life since you have created a budget?  Please leave your comment below.  Catch you on the flip side!

12 thoughts on “Having A Budget Is Great, But Being Disciplined Has More Impact Towards Financial Freedom”

  1. I do have a budget, but guess what? It is mostly in my head! I hardly ever write things like that down but I know what my expenses are and what my disposable income is. It takes discipline as well to make sure that I don’t just ignore my money and spend any old how.

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  2. I recently got engaged and looking at how much a wedding costs has really had me seriously looking at my finances. While I’ve never really had a budget, I’ve recently created one and have cut out some superfluous things in my life. Looking forward to seeing my savings grow!


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  3. I do actually have a budget, however it is more of a mental/on paper budget. As a Finance and Accounting student, Excel and I have had some grievances in the past and I cannot for the life of my use it in my spare time ‘for fun’. Instead, I write out everything I know in need to budget for, such as bills (they never stop coming), savings (I try to put away at least a little bit every two weeks if I can afford to) and food. Has it had an impact on my financially? Probably not that huge but it has helped me rest easy at night and not worry!
    I have just found your blog and I love it, I can’t wait to read more. I hope you get to six million and then teach me your sorcery. ❤

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    1. Thanks for your support! I think you are on the right track to becoming rich tomorrow. You may not see the little efforts you do right now, but trust me you will see the results in a few years. Also, you will notice you are WAY ahead of other people around you and YOU actually feel proud of what you are doing. Good luck!

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