My Fourth Podcast – My Black Friday Experience!

Hello everyone! I just posted my fourth podcast on SoundCloud.

I taped this podcast using my smartphone today to share my….

Black Friday Shopping Experience 


I do not usually go to malls on days like Black Friday or Boxing Day not only because I have work, but also the mall is just too crowded and I would have a hard time finding parking.  Fortunately I have a day off today, therefore I want to see if Black Friday is AS CRAZY OR CRAZIER THAN BOXING DAY!!!

And you know what…

It blows my mind as to how people are willing to take a day off (or they are off already) and SHOP!


So check this podcast out!  Please feel free to leave any comments!

And last but not least, Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers out there and catch you on the flip side!

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