Personal Life

An Update On My Blog!

Hi everyone! Sorry that I have been MIA for days.

Last Sunday, I did my first 5K run on Centre Island, Toronto. If you have been following my Instagram, you would have known by now.  I feel fortunate that I placed 14th overall and 3rd in my age group as there were over 140 competitors. My BIB (second column from the left) is #230 if you have trouble finding it.


I plan to compete another 5K run at the Ron Moeser Memorial Fun Run in two weeks, and will post my result in the Accomplishment page in this blog.   The Accomplishment page would have the list of all the sport competitions I will be participating.  Ultimately,  I want to be ready for my first marathon sometime next year.

Furthermore, I have edited the About page because it is my top 5 viewed pages. Moreover, I have edited the Contact page just to make it more organized.

Lastly, I added my Instagram and Twitter on the blog.  I would definitely update my Instagram and Twitter everyday and I will use them to share mostly my personal life.

A new blog post will be published in the next few days! Catch you on the flip side.  Don’t forget to follow my Instagram and Twitter.



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