Personal Goal

Why I Started This Blog and What I Am Looking to Achieve?


I probably exaggerated, but this is pretty much what my desk at home looks like.  It is full of my notes, writings and books.  I keep on updating my goals and ideas but they are never dated.  Often times I would write this goal and idea today, but I would write another the next day.  Therefore, I started this blog just to remind not to deviate from what my original goals are (this is my #1 reason why I started this blog).

I also want to share with everyone in the world that everyone can be a millionaire as long as they know how to manage their finances.

It is not about how much you make, it is about how much you save.

Currently I am working in the restaurant industry and I am making around 40K a year. If I am able to own a condo and invest in the stock market, everyone can do that.   As a result, this is my #2 reason why I started this blog.

I also understand that in order for me to reach my goals, I have to stay healthy so that I can enjoy the process.

I work out about 10 hours per week and currently I am training for Tough Mudder Toronto that will happen in two weeks.  I have been posting my training videos on Youtube. I hope you guys enjoy them as the videos are still in working progress.

If I really enjoy Tough Mudder this year, I think I will do the Tougher Mudder next year.

So the #3 reason why I started this blog:

“To show everyone what it takes to become a millionaire and to be able to enjoy it.”

As to what I am looking to achieve, I am hoping I will become a role model as I do not come from a posh background with rich and powerful parents.

To get there, I will need to work on updating the look of my blog and my Youtube channel.  In addition, I need to connect my social media services to my blog posts. I have two jobs (soon maybe three) and I will need sometime to finish all.

Moreover, I have to start networking with people who shares similar interst so that I could tell them about my blog and what benefit my blog will bring.

So far that’s all I got…please feel free to leave any comments about how can I improve my online presence.

Cath you on the flip side.



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